Our deli has a variety of cheeses, meats, lunch meat, and salads.  We grind our own hamburger to give our customers the freshest tasting meat.  Our salads are all homemade with quality ingredients.

The deli at Larkin Food Center carries lunch meat including turkey, ham, Michigan ham, pepper loaf, olive loaf, Dutch loaf, roast beef and other choice meats.  We also have a wide selection of cheeses including Williams’s sharp cheddar cheese.  All lunch meats and cheeses are sliced on site to your specifications.

Monday through Friday fresh roasted rotisserie chickens are available after 4pm at the deli.  The fresh, moist chickens are roasted in our own rotisserie cooker to a perfect golden brown. 

Special orders and party platters are also available, stop by to talk to a manager for details.

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